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This treatment helps to improve alertness and energy, enhance thermoregulatory abilities, immune system function, and reduce joint and muscular discomfort.


Sweating is the body’s natural and safe technique of healing and staying healthy. The body benefits from an infrared sauna because it heats it directly, generating an increase in core temperature and a deep, purifying sweat at the cellular level, where pollutants live.


The tanks in our Floatation Therapy rooms are filled with highly concentrated Epsom saltwater and heated to your body temperature.

Float Evolution is a top Float Therapy center that also offers Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge therapy.


1845 W. Redlands Blvd Suite 104.

Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 747 – 9472


Monday – Tuesday
Wednesday – Sunday
10am – 10pm


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